The Boomman Sales Guarentee

This Guarantee is for Technics turntables sold by Boomman sales only, other new items are covered by the manufactures warranty 

 This guarantee is in addition to and does not in any way affect any statutory or other rights of consumer purchasers. It within the applicable guarantee period as shown in no.8, The appliance proves to be defective by reason of faulty design, workmanship or materials, we undertake subject to the following conditions to have the defective appliance (or any part or parts thereof) repaired or at our discretion replaced free of charge. 

1. The appliance shall have been purchased and solely used within the EU/EEA countries and solely for domestic and normal purposes and in accordance with standard operating instructions and the technical and /or Safety standards required in the country where this appliance is to be used. 

2. For appliances in the UK, Channel Islands and republic of Ireland and Europe, the appliance should be returned together with this guarantee and proof of purchase promptly after being found defective, at the purchasers risk and expense, to the authorised dealer Boomman Sales. All enquiries must be to Boomman Sales. 

3. This guarantee shall not apply to damage caused through fire, accident, misuse, wear and tear, neglect, incorrect adjustment or repair to damage caused through installation, adaption, modifications or use in an improper manner or inconsistent with the technical and or safety standards required in the country where this appliance is used, or to damage occurring during to or from the purchaser. 

4. If at any time during the guarantee period any parts of the appliance are replaced with a part or parts not approved by us or an objective quality safe and suitable for the appliance or the appliance has been dismantled and repaired by a

person not authorised by us, the purchaser shall not be entitled to any rights and or remedies under this guarantee.

5. The purchasers sole and exclusive remedy under this guarantee against us is for the repair (or at our discretion replacement) of the appliance or any part or parts and no other remedy including but not limited to, incidental or consequential damage or loss of whatsoever nature shall be available to the purchaser.

6. This guarantee shall not apply to stylus, bulbs, batteries, dust covers, dust bags, belts, brushers, cabinet parts or any other parts of a limited natural life. However if your item has a faulty bulb on arrival to you this will be replaced. 


7. Our decision on all matters and complaints shall be final. Any appliance or defective part which has been replaced will become our property. 


8. The guarantee period applicable to all appliances shall be 24 months. Thank you for purchasing from Boomman Sales. ‘A touch of the past, that creates the future’.


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