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Where music begun



 Build with high quality construction to last with little maintenance.

High Torque

 Technics turntables use direct drive motors which as magnetically driven, allows for accurate scratching and mixing.

Iconic Design

Since their initial production in 1969.

Responsive pitch control

The responsive pitch is excellent for beat matching.

''The decks known simply as 1200s—or 1210s, went on to become something much more than turntables. Hook two of them up to a mixer, and you give synthesisers a run for their money as the key instrument of the 20th century. Developments in the digital world would of course make Silly Putty of sound, but the 1200s did much to unfix recorded music, opening vinyl up to whatever sort of wobbles, slow-downs and speed-ups dexterous hands could elicit from the platter. Hip-hop might not have happened without a record player that could be so thoroughly mangled and manipulated. And the dance floor experience as we know it, where the beat pounds away more or less uninterrupted for the entire night, would likely have taken a very different form.'' 

Music Like You've
Never Heard Before

Reloop RHP-30 headphones work for DJs, producers and casual listeners.

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 "If you are after a pair of Technics, I strongly recommend using this company as their product knowledge/ expertise alongside a commitment to customer satisfaction sets them apart from other sellers."


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